Do you know ACN - Andorsoft Cloud Nòmina?

Developed in Andorsoft

The payroll management solution developed specifically for Andorra and its unique needs. With our application, Andorran companies can enjoy an efficient, innovative and easy-to-use payroll management platform designed to adapt to local laws and regulations.

ACN - Andorsoft Cloud Nòmina

Main characteristics

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Dashboard with a minimalist and user friendly interface

Our app offers an intuitive and visually pleasing control panel, which makes it easy to navigate and quickly access all important features.

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Configurable payroll concepts

Customize payroll concepts according to your business needs, adapting them to the different types of contracts and work situations of your employees.

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Multi-company web application

Manage multiple companies and subsidiaries within the same platform, optimizing time and resources for payroll management.

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Adequate to current Andorran law

ACN - Andorsoft Cloud Payroll is designed to comply with Andorran laws and regulations, thus ensuring legal compliance at all times.

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Repository of employee documents

Securely store and manage all employee documents such as CV, employment contracts and other related documents.

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Expiration alerts for official documents

Receive automatic notifications for official document due dates, ensuring your employees are in compliance with current legal requirements.

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Generating files for CASS and Banks (SEPA)

Easily export payroll data to the formats required by CASS and banks (SEPA), simplifying the payment process and social contributions.

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Storage of salary slips in the digital safe

Keep employee payslips stored securely and accessible in our digital safe, making it easy to access and consult at any time.

ACN – Andorsoft Cloud Payroll is the perfect solution for Andorran companies looking for an effective and reliable way to manage their payroll. With our app, you can focus on the growth and success of your business while ensuring that you comply with local laws and regulations. Don't wait any longer, contact us today to find out how ACN – Andorsoft Cloud Payroll can revolutionize payroll management in your company!

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