A sustainable alternative to acquiring professional equipment.


 Renewed refurbished equipment is an alternative that customers are increasingly asking for when purchasing equipment. It is important to take into account economic savings and sustainability as well as quality supported by the review of more than 25 critical points through a professional technical team. We can guarantee that the devices have been tested and are in good working order by our supplier. 


What are the benefits of professional reconditioned equipment?

 Economic value: One of its main benefits is financial savings. This means that you can get high quality equipment for a lower price.

 Improved functionality: By being refurbished, the equipment has been restored to its original state or improved. In other words, a professional has checked and been able to eliminate factory defects or problems, providing a device that works better than even a new one. 

Lower environmental impact: It is estimated that the manufacture of a laptop consumes around 200 kg of fossil fuels and emits approximately 190 kg of co2 into the atmosphere compared to a new one.

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